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Rang today and talked to Trevor concerning some tech details on the Xterra 6" 3khz digger. It would have been easy for him to fob me off to a dealer but he took the time to answer my questions and have a chat. Great customer service, I already owned the 15" WOT and love it and now I own the 6" digger! - Paul W.

One of the best coils on the market. Excellent craftsmanship and durability. - Ralph W.


Gold Hunting Coils, Finding Treasure, Coins and Relics

Coiltek is very proud to bring you the latest product information and technical specifications about our metal detecting coils and accessories.

Our FAQ page will help answer any queries you have relating to our products and our testimonials page will provide you with actual feedback on the product you need. Then look for your nearest dealer where you can purchase or obtain pricing details. We have a large dealer network spanning the entire globe so you are sure to find one close by.

Coiltek has been manufacturing coils for over 20 years. Countless kilograms of gold, coins and relics have been found with our products and will continue to do so as our intention is to provide a range of equipment which will help enhance the metal detecting experience into the future.

It is one of the only hobbies where you can be active, explore, and work with others in a friendly environment and get rewarded by coins, relics or gold at the same time! The lifestyle and nature of this hobby is very rewarding.